Centre de recherche industrielle du Québec (CRIQ)

  • 333 Rue Franquet, Québec City, QC G1P 4C7
  • criq.qc.ca

CRIQ is a government institution active in the field of applied industrial research reporting to the Québec Minister of Economic Development, Innovation and Export Trade (MEIE). CRIQ has been providing the broadest range of innovation services available in Quebec for the past 45 years. With a vast team of productivity and competition experts, the Center conducts over 1,600 profitable technological development projects annually on behalf of companies and organizations in every key sector of economic activity.

Major fields of expertise:

  1. Improving productivity
  2. Developing competitive advantages
  3. Increasing export trade
  4. Profitably managing the industrial impact of companies on the environment
  5. Standardizing and certifying

CRIQ at a glance:

  1. Two sites within easy reach: Montréal and Québec
  2. Over 220 employees
  3. A multidisciplinary team of expert engineers
  4. A mobile team of industrial advisors serving all of Québec
  5. State-of-the-art laboratories and equipment at the service of companies
  6. Over 185 patents issued and 14 licences currently in force
  7. A 90% customer satisfaction rate and an 88% partner satisfaction rate year after year
  8. Headquarters of the Réseau Normalisation et Francophonie

The CRIQ research program is oriented on the needs of companies, the priorities of government, the socio-economic challenges facing an industrialized Québec and the potential afforded by new technologies. In this regard, CRIQ has recently become involved in developing a 3-D printing service.

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