Eric Cook

Eric Cook

Chair of the Board, 2017

Executive Director and CEO of RPC

Eric is an effective business leader with extensive experience fostering market-led innovation. His career includes 25 years of leadership in the application of science and technology in sectors including advanced manufacturing, space science, aerospace, and wireless communications. Eric has participated in numerous federal and provincial innovation initiatives. He has served on a number of expert panels including the Council of Canadian Academies’ (CCA) Expert Panel on the State of Science and Technology in Canada and the CCA Expert Panel on the State of Industrial Research and Development in Canada. He is, or has been, an active board member for a number of science and technology organizations including Genome Atlantic, the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation, the Center for Nuclear Energy Research, Innoventures Canada and the New Brunswick Environmental Industries Association.

Passionate about innovation, Eric emphasizes the need to generate economic or social value for invention to become innovation.

Eric’s accomplishments include serving as the project engineer for Canada’s first interplanetary space instrument (a mission to Mars), and the General Manager of an internationally recognized visual factory, COM DEV Wireless. Eric’s education includes a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering and a master of business administration, a combination that has served him well in seeking science-based solutions for business problems and opportunities.

Eric was appointed Executive Director and CEO of RPC in 2004.