Message from the Chair

Roman Szumski

Chair of the Board, 2013

To paraphrase a recent statement by Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the future belongs to businesses and countries that become leaders in innovation. Business and countries that innovate — that turn ideas into products, processes and services with commercial or societal value — enhance their competitiveness and position themselves for economic growth.

In its 2015 report card on innovation, the Conference Board of Canada ranked Canada 9th out of 16 peer countries for innovation, up from a ranking of 13th the previous year. Canada’s innovation performance has improved, but it still lags behind that of other highly developed countries. We still need to continue improving our capacity to innovate, compete and grow.

Initial thoughts on innovation may focus on the more flashy innovation spurred by disruptive technologies, products or services. However, innovation at a slower pace, that builds systematically on new advances, is just as important. Substantial innovation gains can be achieved through businesses adopting and using new technologies, and Innoventures Canada Inc. can play a key role in this challenge.

With extensive expertise and experience in a broad range of endeavours and specialties, Innoventures Canada members combine to provide a ‘one-stop shop’ to meet the R&D needs of clients — particularly in accelerating the pace of commercialization of new products and emerging ideas. By connecting technology, people and organizations, Innoventures Canada facilitates creation of market- and field-ready products and services that would be too costly or risky for any one research and technology organization (RTO) to tackle alone.

With an organization designed for and committed to collaboration, Innoventures Canada delivers the multi-disciplinary approach to problem-solving that is the hallmark of successful innovation, enabling solutions from various technology sectors to be applied to challenges in other sectors. As an organization, we build on the natural synergies that exist between and among our member RTOs to develop and manage projects of regional and national scale that would not otherwise be possible. Clients have access to the world-class expertise, labs and product development resources that our member base offers.

Working together, we can continue improving Canada’s innovation performance. In doing so, we will also meet real industry needs, tackle complex challenges and ensure that new technologies are successfully launched into the market.

Roman Szumski
Chair of the Board, 2016

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