Message from the Chair

Eric Cook

Chair of the Board, 2017

Canada is the envy of many nations.  Our freedom, our resources, our inclusiveness, our social programs, and our standard of living contribute to making Canada one of the most desirable countries in the world.  However,  Canada has a challenge; we continually underperform in productivity and innovation measures.  This matters because, in the long run, it will impact government resources and services and ultimately our standard of living.

The good news is that Canada has a wealth of highly qualified people who are inventive and creative.  We are rich in ideas, creativity, and discovery but there is opportunity to improve the economic or social value outcomes.  Creating value from novel ideas defines innovation and that also defines the mission of Innoventures Canada (I-CAN).

I-CAN members are Research and Technology Organizations (RTOs).   RTOs focus on applied research.  They interface with academics, inventors, entrepreneurs and industry to produce practical solutions to real-world problems and opportunities.   We do this by providing design, development, build, demonstration, optimization, test, certification, deployment and commercialization services.  We are also committed to education and awareness about innovation.   In our experience, these services are the bridge between invention and innovation.

RTOs have a broad range of expertise and experience but have one thing in common; we excel at practical solutions to real-world opportunities.  Working together we meet real industry needs, tackle complex challenges and ensure that new technologies are successfully launched into the market.

I-CAN is dedicated to improving Canada’s innovation performance by working together, sharing best practices and increasing public awareness and understanding of innovation and how it works, especially the key role played by research and technology organizations.  I encourage you to collaborate with an RTO and help take our innovation performance from good to great.


Eric Cook, P.Eng., ICD.D
Chair of the Board, 2017

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